Country: France
Language: English/Tamil/French
3 October 2016 @ 7:00 PM
Length: 114 minutes


What happens to the millions of migrants who flee conflict zones to find new homes in the cities of the West? In the case of the Tamil family at the centre of the searing new film from Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rust & Bone), conflict is never far behind. Seeking to flee Sri Lanka at the end of the country’s civil war, a Tamil soldier (Jesuthasan Antonythasan) convinces two fellow refugees to pose as members of his family, which allows the trio to fool aid workers and win a passage to France. Once settled in the outskirts of Paris, they must use their hard-won survival skills to navigate their crime-ridden housing complex. Securing their position in a new country means making their false family real, but past violence and present threats combine to exert a rising pressure that is bound to explode.